We have always been told beautiful stories about Africa : the man of the jungle, King Kong and his beloved woman climbing the roofs of New York, Hakuna Matata!

And let's not forget the stories for the adults : the super-heroes of the IMF, the good souls of the World Bank and the top economists convinced that the African Miracle is about to day or the other.  The World sings for Africa. The World offers Africa pens, clothes, cars...

If one day it were to snow in Africa, would people send us winter coats and snowboards? 

SAWA project does not have the so-called generosity of brands which use Africa just to glorify themselves.

SAWA is an activist fashion project which has taken the challenge to fabricate shoes in Africa. All the added value benefits the Continent. SAWA has just the courage of its opinion and marketing choices.

We are told here and there that the climate of the Planet is going crazy...when the snow falls in Africa, we will be ready to produce the best ski boots...and snowboards!