Tsagué Ethiopia Club Green

Tsagué Ethiopia Club Green


Tsagué model is a mid cut retro-basketball inspired sneaker. The design of the shoes offers a vintage attitude. The pattern of the sole reveals the map of Africa.

Mix of leather, merinos wool and thick nylon canvas

100% leather

Rubber sole offering comfort,flexibility and resistance to abrasion. The sole is cemented and stitched to the upper thanks to a nylon waterproof thread.

The upper of the shoe features a hand embroidered head of lion.  The lion is emblematic of Ethiopia.

All the embroderies have been done by IBABA RWANDA ( www.ibabarwanda.com ) .

IBABA RWANDA is a Rwanda based project focusing on high-end hand embroderies.

The Ibaba products are unique, they require several days of work and exceptional skills. Ibaba production is a production of Premium crafts Ethics and solidary.

Every pair of shoes comes with an ethiopian coin of 1 birr .



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